Road to the Bottle

An Iceage show isn’t necessarily ‘fun’ in the traditional sense of the word. Sullen, brooding, and vicious are adjectives more in line with the mood to be expected, but if you get satisfaction from listening to the band’s second record, You’re Nothing, released on Matador on February 19th, you’re probably down for a quick, banter-less set during which you might get hit. Lead vocalist Elias Benner Rondefelt is a haunting presence and is not afraid to participate in the pit.

The Danish four-piece is young and pissed off—making short, brutal punk songs with fresh noisy textures and strange song structures that translate well live. They’ve been on tour in support of the new album since late February across Europe and the West Coast and are finally making it to the heart of the heartland next Wednesday, April 10th.   

Put on your best boots and join us for a night of hardcore. Chicago outfits Violent End and Final Grin light the fire. 

+++ Show starts at 9pm // Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door +++

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